[ Insomnia - Stress ] This is the Soothing Music to lull you to Deepest Sleep

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''Now, I am about to say something that I never thought I would: I had a good night’s sleep last night. And the night before that.
All week in fact, I have tipped into bed,listen to music by HungEker, at which point my thoughts drop off into dark velvety sleep.
A full night’s sleep could never have happened a few years ago, without music.My insomnia, at my most tormenting, was excruciatingly noisy. I could feel my brain rev up in the night and start to chatter, sorting out things I hadn’t given it time to reflect on.
This music began to turn down the noise. My nightly routine also became less regimented, and I felt something break in the vicious circle.
It felt miraculous. The insomnia hasn’t come back and I was overjoyed. I love music."
Music composed by Hungeker
Hello Everyone, I'm Hungeker.
✔ I'm a composer make this youtube channel to share my background music for sleeping.
✔ Some words about my music products are: smoothing, sleepy & peace.
✔ It helps you get more deep sleep, stress relief, meditation, healing and happy. You can listening many times without boring, every night.

☘This is the song I spend a lot of time to write.

☞ Thank you for listening and wish you sleep well
☞ Please support me by writing down "Goodnigth from...(your country)...." !

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