La Vagabonde checks out a Power Yacht! (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 62

08 Nov 2016 15:10 1,631
11,418 78

Meet Andy and Julie, a lovely couple from Vancouver. They welcomed us on their 70ft power yacht ‘Infinity’ to check her out and to eat some oh so delicious pasta. We quiz the pair of them on the pros/cons of what it’s like to circumnavigate the globe in this beauty. We also take care of a million and one jobs onboard which is always good fun. Cheers for watching, Elayna xo

Song Credits:
00:07 Dominic Bennett - Fishin' With Frog
00:38 Ryan Brady & Matt Ferrone - Backstory
01:40 Ryan Brady & Matt Ferrone - Riding Along
04:25 Get Together - Bird
06:40 Accidental Hero - Halcyon DayDream
10:37 Tom Owens - Basement Lament

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Additional film/edit: Julian Wood

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