$50 Shave Las Vegas Barber

17 Apr 2019 34:54 1,473
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■ LAS VEGAS, USA: You've most likely seen me do a street shave in countries like India and Vietnam. Often Americans comment under said videos asking if I could make a similar one at an American barber shop. So how does an American $50 shave compare to a $0.20 street shave in Asia? Well, you be the judge. I enjoyed them both.

If you find yourself in Las Vegas and in need of either a Haircut or a shave, you can find 'The Barber Shop: Cuts & Cocktails' on the famous Las Vegas strip on the ground floor of the Cosmopolitan Luxury Hotel. The service was excellent and the people working there were really fun.

If you wish to follow the barbers and workers featured in this video you can do so on instagram:

■ Barberette: kandiethebarberette
■ Cashier: emmaceleste_
■ Drix: Drixthebarber
■ Luigi: luiggithebarber
■ The Shop: thebarbershoplv

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