The Heat: Remembering Fidel Castro's global impact Pt 2

30 Nov 2016 10:15 0
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Cubans continued to mourn their former leader, Fidel Castro as thousands lined up to pay their respects in Havana. While he made revolutionary changes and transformed his country’s direction for half a century, Fidel Castro is also remembered for the major role he played across the world. He supported and inspired leftist movements and leaders in Latin America. He was an early supporter of Nelson Mandela in his fight against apartheid in South Africa. He shared close links with Russia and was a friend to China. Tonight’s panel take a look at Castro’s global influence, including in Africa, Asia and throughout Latin America; Jia Xiudong, senior research fellow in Residence at China Institute of International Studies. Anton Fedyashin, professor of History at American University and a specialist in Russian and European History. Piero Gleijeses, professor of American Foreign Policy, Johns Hopkins University.

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