WILDLIFE IN FOCUS - Photographer Tuomas Heinonen (ENG SUB)

02 Feb 2018 14:23 195
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Tuomas Heinonen is a well known award winning Finnish nature photographer. His work has been published in multiple exhibits, books and competitions and other different medias.

The document follows the journey of a nature photographer through different scenes starting from spring time when nature is waking up.
What does it take to get to successfully capture a shy badger on a summer night, great crested grebes mating and building their nest, black grouses fighting in their mating marsh or a curious lively fox in it’s habitat. What gets the nature photographer up before sunrise time after time to capture these beautiful moments and share them with others.

Duration: 14 min
Language: finnish, english subtitles
Filmed and edited: Mitri Häkkinen
Handwrited: Mitri Häkkinen, Tuomas Heinonen
Still photos and videos of animals: Tuomas Heinonen

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