charles & erik || bloodstream [apocalypse]

13 Jun 2016 02:11 286
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«you abandoned me.»

i'm so sorry for some weird stuff that appear during the video I don't know why :/
apocalypse was sooo good and this two killed me once again...
erik's story was so strong and I felt like his actions were justified and when he sided with charles in the end i was soo happy "no I betrayed them" SO GOOD
their relationship is one of my favourite things to watch and I love both these characters soo much!I also died a little a bit with the logan x jean scene!and sophie was amazing in the movie!

this gorgeous colouring is not mine and I am so happy that I got to use it!it's from SunnyVids ! her colourings are all so great but since I wotk with SV pro 8 I can't download them but she was nice enough to send it to me when I took part in her collab! and I am obsessed with it omg

i hope you like the video!I knoww it's messy but inspiration hit me and I wanted to vid this song for such a long time!

p.s: genuine question....why charles cries everytime he looks at erik???why do they love each other so much??i cry

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