How to land your dream job with one email | Edward Druce | TEDxDonauinsel

11 Sep 2015 17:23 677
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Edward Druce has seen every conceivable mistake anyone could ever make when trying to land a work position, as well as the occasional gem from those who know how to do it well. In this talk he shares the very best of what he’s learned, and distills his experience into a simple and elegant 3-step formula that you can use to land your dream job.

Edward Druce is the author of ‘This Is Where to Start: Find Superstar Mentors, Master All They Know, and Get Ahead in Your Career’. For the last 5 years, Edward has worked alongside speaker and coach Matthew Hussey. In that time he’s helped Matthew to become a NYT Bestselling author, to speak in front of over 100,000 people all over the world, work with celebrities the likes of Eva Longoria and Ryan Seacrest, and land his own radio show with iHeartRadio. Edward has been the lead in growing Matthew’s team, and have been the direct point of contact for those looking to join the company.

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