"How to Get Garchompite to Mega Evolve Garchomp!" (Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire)

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Find out how to get the Garchompite in Pokemon Omega Ruby & Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and finally use Mega Garchomp in battle!

To get Garchompite, you will need to have gotten to the point to use secret bases. Also you will need to go around and collect up to 1000 Secret Base Flags to reach Platinum Rank for your Secret Base. Once you have reached Platinum Rank by collecting 1000 flags you will get the Garchompite from Aarune in Fortree City. ALSO, to collect secret base flags, just go around Hoenn and go into secret bases and collect the flags, you can collect a base's flag once a day. So if you collect 50 base flags a day, you can get this done relatively quick. This can be a tidious process and you will need patience with collecting flags, unless you have Powersaves to give yourself flags as I did for the purpose of this video. OR you can just trade your garchompite over from XY as well. I hope this helps you learn how to get Garchompite for Mega Garchomp in ORAS! :)

Info: http://www.serebii.net/pokearth/hoenn/fortreecity.shtml ; http://www.serebii.net/omegarubyalphasapphire/supersecretbases.shtml

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