Politics and the Christian Faith Session 2 - Should Christians Be in Politics?

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In Session 2, "Should Christians Be in Politics?" you will learn what inspires Christians to serve their country and discover the motives and balance a Christian needs in order to serve effectively in politics. You will discern what you should look for when voting for a candidate.

Politics and the Christian Faith Video Bible Study by Charles Colson:

Charles Colson became a Christian in 1973, just before he served seven months in federal prison for his role in the Watergate Scandal. After his mid-life conversion, he went on to found the non-profit ministry Prison Fellowship and to become a renowned Christian author and public speaker.

In this four-session, video-based study, Colson provides an insider's perspective on today's pressing issues of faith and politics. Participants from all political persuasions can enjoy his discussions, which are neither "religious right" nor "religious left," but are clear, balanced, and biblically grounded. Join Colson to learn why Christians must live out their faith, promote freedom, and be good citizens in a world clouded by sin.

These videos can be used for personal reflection or for group discussion with the companion PDF participant's guide (sold separately).

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