Collared Asian Girl Smoking Cigarettes and Eating the Ash!

22 Mar 2016 05:51 10
Miss Dee Nicotine Download
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I know a lot of you may be upset with me for making you pay for the majority of my videos now...

I am so sorry but I need to make some money so that I can get a better apartment so that I can smoke for you every day! XD (Bad Landlords :(.

I will be uploading free videos along side new more interesting content for rent or purchase.

Renting these videos will help me get better equipment and a proper place where the landlord doesn't hassle me about smoking all the time. XD

Help me make this my full-time job!!

If you want to see this and can't get a google wallet, you can use my PayPal account and I'll send you the link via email! :3

If you would like to chat more email me:

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