Half of a Whole ◈ Someone Like You MV

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This drama is a combination of the last drama I made a video on, Falling for Innocence, and the Taiwan drama, Substitute Princess. Ruohan and Zhancheng was involved in a car accident. Ruohan passed away and Zhancheng became blind due to the incident. Zhancheng's new caretaker happens to look like his deceased fiance while there is another girl who possesses his fiance's personality, interest and demeanor.. Because his fiance was her heart donor. The heart transplant plot fit with Falling for Innocence while the two look alike is like Substitute Princess.

There was no question as to who he ends up with because it was pretty obvious. If only this drama made it more suspenseful by giving both of them equal attention then it would be more interesting. The leading female's character is kind of.. animated? Lol, I don't know at first.. I didn't like her character that much since she seem a little insane but she grew on me.

There was so much activity in this drama, I wanted to include everything in this video! That's why it's so long.. And I pretty much just told the whole story with little ruses in between so you'll have to watch the drama to know what's fake and what's real... I'm evil.

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Song: Sad Song by We The Kings feat. Elena Coats

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