THE SUN AND MOON - Ambient Video

02 Jan 2013 01:10:28 0
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The SUN AND MOON - 70 mins
Start off with the Sun out, in daylight, swiftly switching to the first sequence in nightime, the moon coming in at one end and out the other. switches between sun and moon. No Sound

Modern folk NEED their senses stimulating. All of them.

So when you put on a record or CD, switch on the TV, turn the sound down and you've got a visual stimulus in the background. But its usually too distracting. You want to know what's happening - WHAT President Obama had to say, WHO framed Roger Rabbit, WHICH football player's been sent off. And so on.

AMBIENT videos are the answer. They allow you to relax, listen to your favourite music without staring at the furniture. They introduce a new dynamic to your living room, without being too obtrusive. And they're enjoyable too! IMPRESS your friends! FOLLOW the progress of your favourite fish in the tank! RELAX as beautiful scenery unfolds before your eyes.

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