2019 Christian Family Movie "A Mother's Love" | A True Heart-touching Story (English Dubbed)

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A Mother's Love is a Christian family movie that examines the subject of how to raise children.
"Knowledge can change your fate" and "The son becomes a dragon, the daughter becomes a phoenix" are the hopes that nearly all parents have for their children. To ensure that her daughter Jiarui is able to pass her university entrance exams and test into a good university, Xu Wenhui decides to retire from her job as a sales director to accompany Jiarui as she studies to retake her tests. Xu Wenhui's high-pressure teaching methods and the competitive stress of the college entrance examinations drive her daughter to collapse, and nearly to desperation. Xu Wenhui feels deep remorse over this: She thought that everything she did was for her daughter's benefit, but instead, she only caused her daughter pain and hurt…. This is when her old classmate Fang Xinping preaches God's gospel to her. Through reading God's word, Xu Wenhui finally understands why pursuing ideals like "Knowledge can change your fate" will only hurt herself and her child, and comes to understand how to educate her daughter in a way that expresses real love …

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