#TGU18 | Everything about Strandberg guitars ft. Sarah Longfield | Thomann

22 May 2018 18:23 160
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Sarah Longfield talks Strandberg Guitars with the handsome Guilliaume at #TGU18 the Thomann Gearhead University Class of 2018.
Check our #TGU18 playlist for the full coverage: http://tho.mn/5k8lf

Check out Sarah's channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/MissSmiles4u

Interesting bits and pieces:
00:00 How Guillaume got into Sarah’s music
01:45 Strandberg Boden Classic 8 2018
02:16 Why Sarah plays Strandberg
03:00 Giullaume’s reliced Strandberg Boden Classic 6

04:23 The differences between a custom and a non custom Strandberg
04:50 First Classic models were produced in China
05:30 Every thing in a Strandberg is there for a purpose
06:22 Coming up with an all new guitar design

07:25 Talking about the EndurNeck™

08:20 Sarah playing the Boden Classic 8 2018
08:50 Pickups in the Boden Classic 8 2018
09:35 Guillaume playing his Boden Classic 6

10:23 Sarah playing the Strandberg Boden Original 6
10:46 Sarah and her pinky
11:46 Strandberg Tremolo System
12:34 Talking about the Strandberg Sälen Deluxe

14:00 Kris and Guillaume have put Strandbergs against MacMull custom guitars (Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLePpUr6P-M )

14:27 Guillaume playing the Strandberg Sälen Deluxe
16:02 Sarah playing the Boden Classic 8 2018

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