NFA Shotguns - 11" Double Barrel Stoeger 12 GA, 12.5" Rem 870

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This is a video showing a couple of my short barrel shotguns registered on a Form 1 with the ATF. This video is to show the shotgun builds and not my skill at shooting them (or lack there of). When I am working on a firearm build I try to get as much info on them as possible. I hope this video will give some ideas to those looking to legally build a NFA shotgun. The majority of ammo fired was Remington field loads with some 00 Buck thrown in on each (I only had one box to shoot between the two).

Side by Side SBS:

The double barrel shotgun is a Stoeger Uplander which from the factory sported 26" barrels. The barrels are now 11" with a 19" overall length. The front was a strait cut. It appears the top and bottom ribs are soldered the length of the barrel. I still plan to cold blue the cut and might fill up the front gap between the barrels with black silicon or something else for looks. Also for looks I may add a bead sight.

The majority of the stock was cut off with a table saw and the grip was held in a vice while I grinded the grip to how I wanted it. I had to find a new bolt to hold the grip on and I had to use a dremmel to open up the new screw hole to recess the bolt head into the grip. After that I stained and sealed the stock set. I thought about plugging the hole but it isn't uncomfortable to me when firing it so it will stay as is for right now.

Pump Shotgun:

The other shotgun is a Remington 870 Express Magnum with a 12.5" barrel and Hogue 12" LOP stock set. It is around 31" OAL and sports a MESA side saddle loaded with some Winchester 00 Buck loads and S&B slugs. I still plan on adding a bead sight and possibly a big dot night sight over the bead.

MY target for this video was dirt. I wasn't trying to show the accuracy potential of either. Later on when I have the bead sights installed I will be hosting a new video showing how each pattern with various 00 Buck loads.

Hope you enjoy the video and find it helpful!

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