Final Fantasy VIII w/HD Mods (PC/Steam) - Kidnapping The President(?)

08 Feb 2017 11:50 7
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I said I'd get around to Timber, so here we are. Let's get the annoying train mission out of the way first. Next video will be the town.

Mods used:

Roses and Wine by DLPB:

Additional audio packs by DarkMatta and Dr_Jun_Manabe:

Tonberry v2.04 by Omzy, JeMaCheHi, and maverick:

SeeD Reborn v3.5 by Mcindus:

Tripod v1.1 by Mcindus:

FF8 Controller Buttons by Mcindus:

[WIP] Waifu Field Upscale by FatedCourage (Use Project Eden by Omzy:

HorizonPack v3.0 by Mcindus:

BattleFieldPack v2.0 by Mcindus and FatedCourage w/others:

Lunar Cry v1.2 by Mcindus:

Apocalypse v1.1 by FatedCourage:

Rebirth Flame v1.2 by Shunsq, Mortael, and FatedCourage w/ textures provided by Magochocobo and edits by Devina (weapon textures from Crestian, Mortael, and FatedCourage):

Project Hellfire v1.2 by Mcindus:

[FF8PC-Steam] HD FMV Replacement by zwuw:

Unofficial Bad UV Texture Patch by MaKiPL:

GeDoSaTo Downsampling Config v1.1 by Mcindus:

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