Resident Evil Revelations 2 - All Collectibles Episode 4 (READ DESCRIPTION)

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Thank you for picking my video as your collectibles guide!!

OK so episode 4 is a little confusing and requires a couple of playthroughs and also (SPOILERS!!)

We were introduced to Good Ending and Bad Ending that no one saw coming, which might have you have to replay Episode 3 Claire again…I played Claire and Barry but have been told you only have to play with Claire (I haven’t confirmed). So I suggest playing Episode 3 again and (SPOILER, SPOILER, SPOILER,SPOILER!!!) during the ending when Neil is on top of Claire…..get your mind out of the the gutter!! And she is reaching for her gun and it ask you to switch to characters, switch to Moira and kill Neil with her, and now you are locked into the good ending.

So in Claire’s campaign in the very beginning there is a switch (shown @ 0:00:17 in the video) that opens up a path if you pull the switch but it also closes a path and YOU GUESSED IT!! Both areas have a collectible in it so the very first time you see this I pull the lever so if you are following this from the start pull the lever the first time. If you didn’t pull the switch then jump to 0:07:12 for the location of the Larvae that you can obtain by not pulling the switch.

Also the final collectible is during the final boss fight…which only takes place during the good ending. The issue is that Capcom has a block feature on the ending so there is no way to show you the locations BUT I can tell you how to get it. SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER!

IMMEDIETLY after taking control of Clair, look towards the left and you should see it in the distance…yup that easy, now all you have to do is Shoot it!!!

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