Wetland Loss in the Yellow Sea

01 Nov 2016 05:10 24
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The Yellow Sea lies at the center of one of the most populated regions on earth. More than 420 million people live in it’s vicinity and the pressure on natural resources cannot be overstated. Already more than half of the Yellow Sea’s intertidal areas have been converted to land through a process dubbed “reclamation” and the pace of this reclamation is accelerating. If the remaining intertidal areas are lost, long distance migrant bird species and the livelihoods of people that make their living from these mudflats will be lost as well. Already, the Spoon-billed Sandpiper’s population has declined to only a few hundred individuals and the IUCN has stated “that unless major steps are taken taken to reverse current trends, the East Asian-Australasian Flyway is likely to experience extinctions and associated collapses of essential and valuable ecological services in the near future.”

Through satellite imagery, animations and on the ground footage this film visualizes the scale and speed of changes that have occurred along the Yellow Sea’s coastlines in recent years.

This film is also available in Korean, Mandarin, Japanese and Russian.

Filmed by Gerrit Vyn
Edited and narrated by Tom Swarthout
Additional footage by Eric Liner


"Stealing the Beauty," Tony Flynn, Courtesy of Audiosocket
"Believe in You," Jonathan Hill, Courtesy of Audiosocket
"Ponder," Josh Hill, Courtesy of Audiosocket

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