We are so THANKFUL for Momma Squishy & Steatocystomas: Session 9

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Steatocystoma Multiplex is a condition where multiple slow-growing cysts appear usually during puberty, on any part of the body, but seen most commonly on the chest, sternal area, the armpits, and the neck. These can get quite large in size, but are often not very raised and covered by pretty normal looking skin. The contents of these cysts are more liquid and odorless, often clear or slightly yellow in color. These type of cysts, benign though more rare, are compared to epidermoid cysts, and actually could be called truely "sebaceous cysts", because these growths DO begin in the sebaceous glands. As you know, I normally hate the term "sebaceous cysts" because this is a misnomer and not used by dermatologists. Treatment is not medically necessary, but many people seek treatment because they don't like the appearance of these growths.

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