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Ronin Tactics Warriors Belt

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Ronin has four variations of this type belt: Shooters belt, Warriors Belt, Shuto Belt, Senshi Belt, and the Task Force Belt. Each of them are a combination of light vs strengthened weave and D Clips on their cobra buckles with the Taskforce Belt a color variation on their Senshi Belt. Great Belt that has one of the slimmest systems on the market.

* 2in Inner belt
* 21 columns of 1/2in PALS webbing
* 2in Cobra Buckle
* 5000-7000lbs of tensile strength
* Adjustable per the user

-Great to carry a variety of loads.
-System that meshes well together
-Adjustable based on mission
-Molle/PALS = Customizable

- Requires under belt which requires preparation
- Expensive
- 1/2 weave is tight
- Tightening cinch
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