My Sims 3 Palace

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This is my current project. This is my first house that I've built in Sims 3. Yes I should have started small but I did have the Sims 2. Here are the most frequently asked questions:

Q: This is your first house? No Fricking Way!!

A: As I said I had Sims 2, however, This is the first one I have built so large. Once furnished, this technically will be the first house I have ever completed. (So many unfinished homes LOL).

Q: You stole this/it looks like this house etc

A: I built it as I went along, I highly doubt it will be considerably simillar to another house currently available. However, I did use castle, palace, and mansion floor plans and pictures as reference.

Q: Where are all the walls/rooms?

A: I build the rooms as I go, furnishing them and then laying out another room. Not the best method, but its how I roll :P


A: Not a question, but I know :(

Q: What is the size of the lot?

A: The largest lot available

Q: Will this be available for download on the Sims 3 Exchange?

A: When I have completed the palace, yes =D

Q: Is everything fully functional?

A: Currently yes, I test out things as I go. Some things might not be accessible but they would be for decoration only.

Q: You have waaay too many windows....why is it so on and so forth

A: That's how I like it :P

Things to still be completed:

All bedrooms, activity rooms, decoration, landscaping, lighting.

Rooms currently completed and featured:

- The entryway sitting room

- The main kitchen

- First floor bathroom

- The basement pool

Please comment and rate. Ideas for different rooms would be appreciated, please keep the comments tasteful. I will delete posts that are of no use such as: WTF THIS IS UGLY AND I CAN DO MUCH BETTER LOOK AT MY HOUSE!! *Link to a Sim shack of a home that only took 5 minutes*

I do realize it is quite large, however, once fully furnished I beleive it will be a wonderful sim home. Hope you like it!

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