Apple uses water damaged boards in Apple refurbished devices

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The independent repair community gets a lot of criticism to the tune of "only Apple is 'qualified' to repair Apple products." This creates the impression that when you choose to pursue any kind of warranty replacement at Apple that the refurbished device you are getting is superior to what you might get if you just took your device to be repaired at your local quality independent repair shop.

This might not always be true, and consumers deserve the right to know what they are getting. Here we see an Apple refurbished iPad mini that was sold by Apple despite water damaged components on the board, and no longer conforming to the original design at the power management chip, plus evidence of excess heat on the board.

It failed due to common drop damage that an original board would not be susceptible to because of underfill on the PMIC chip.

We are seeing a lot of touch ic problems in iPhone 6/6+ Apple refurbs in addition to original Apple devices. If a cracked screen phone that has had a drop is returned to Apple for out of warranty replacement, the refurb process does not change the touch ic chip, and therefore the refurb phone is particularly susceptible to touch ic problems since the board has already been subject to drop. We are seeing many examples of people with touch ic problems that take the phone to Apple and pay the $299 out of warranty exchange just to have the same thing happen to their refurb replacement phone.

They could have just had their original phone addressed at independent repair to have a new touch ic soldered on the board robustly, for much less.

If you think that Apple repair is always superior to independent repair---think again.

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