$200 Chirashi Dish - How To Make Sushi Series

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Before you comment on the price of this dish, it's best you google Joe's in Miami Beach and make a mock order for delivery. Go under "Order Now" tab and place a mock online and choose "a la carte" Dinner for 2 and click on Jumbo Size. For 4 claws or 1.5 pounds, your cost will be US$273.00. They don't even show the colossal sized claws since they're too expensive however if you dine in there you'll be able to order them. Joe's is the 2nd highest ranking single restaurant in the United States grossing over $35M a year and is ONLY OPEN 8 months of the year: October to May.

Master Sushi Chef Hiroyuki Terada takes some delicious seafood and puts together a $200.00 Chirashi plate, which is basically a dish that's created to have items over rice in a bowl. The reason why the plate is so expensive is the use of stone crab claw meet that wholesales for $26.00 a pound. In one of our previous videos that showed Chef Hiroyuki making a Chawanmushi with stone crab claw meat, the price was shown in the beginning of the video; he used the same meat from that video, added fresh tuna, salmon, mackerel and ikura to make this dish around $75 in materials, our cost. Multiply that by at least 3-4 times for a menu price and this dish would need to sell for around $200.00 to make it profitable. Instead of stone crab meat, you could choose other types of seafood that won't make this dish to expensive. Tell us below what's your favorite chirashi dish and what ingredients you'd love to see Chef Hiro add in there next time :)

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