A Dr. Pimple Popper Bedtime Story - The Best Pops To Fall Asleep To

19 Nov 2016 24:56 296
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Looking for your PIMPLE POPPING LULLABY? I know that so many of you love to watch my videos as a way to calm your nerves & destress after a long day SO, I put together something special for all the Popaholics! It’s some (and by some I mean a LOT) of my best pops & squeezes to date in this Dr. Pimple Popper Bedtime Story. Get ready for TWENTY FIVE minutes of ad-free popping - I cut out all the numbing and sutures so you could enjoy the most satisfying parts of each pop ALL. AT. ONCE. It is available for purchase and you’ll have it forever to watch to your heart’s content! No matter why you enjoy pimple popping, I know you'll LOVE this special compilation. Happy Popping & SWEET DREAMS!

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