"Programming and Prejudice: Can Computers Be Racist?" | Talks at Google

23 Feb 2017 59:13 8
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Google’s Decoding Race Series - is the first step of a longer-term strategy - intended to inform and empower Googlers to have open and constructive conversations on race, and its intersections.

After an initial discussion with Alphabet’s Chief Legal Officer David Drummond [watch here https://youtu.be/1IMztuB_sVg], Van Jones moderated a panel entitled, “Programming and Prejudice: Can Computers Be Racist?” Panelists explore the unintentional identity abrasions users experience when accessing products, the roles and responsibilities of tech companies in addressing racial and gender bias in their products, and the critical role of cross-racial solidarity necessary to break down barriers.

Panelists included Van Jones, Bradley Horowitz, Nancy Douyon, Anil Dash and Megan Rose Dickey.

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