Best Toddler Learning Video for Kids Learn Colors Disney Pixar Finding Dory Toys Orbeez & Genevieve!

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Best Toddler Learning Video for Kids Learn Colors Finding Dory Toys, Orbeez, Bubbles & Genevieve! In this preschool educational toy learning video for toddlers and kids, Genevieve teach kids colors with Finding Dory toys, Orbeez, and an awesome Paw Patrol water table. This fun filled family friendly montessori styled learning video for kids is one of the best educational tools to help toddlers develop educational play skills. Genevieve plays in this hands on video; splashing in water, pouring Orbeez, popping bubbles and just having lots of toddler sized fun while teaching kids colors! To help your child learn, encourage them to speak along with Genevieve in order to develop language skills in your little one. Be sure to give us a like if you enjoyed the video! =)

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You can find many of the Bandai Finding Dory Toys we used in this video below:
Blind Pack:
Bath Squirters (Dory, Marlin, Destiny):
Bath Squirters (Otter, Baby Dory, Nemo):
My Friend Dory (Talking Dory):
Wind Up Dory Bath Toy:
Wind Up Bailey Bath Toy:
Finding Dory Coffee Pot w/ Swimming Dory:
Mr. Ray 3-in-1 Storage Toy:
Pop-Up Hank Figure:
Nemo SwiggleFish:
Marlin SwiggleFish:

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