SECRET Android Functions 99% Of Users Don’t Know About

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Everyone knows the war of the smartphones. If you have one, you’ve likely already picked a side. Some people are strictly Apple users, while others are loyal to the Android. If you’re a fan of the Android and its newest OS Nougat, we have a couple secrets that we want to share with you. Avoid manually clearing apps one by one with this fun new feature. In a safe space? You don’t need to keep typing in your password over and over again, because this little secret has you covered. If you’re a creature of the night, we’ve found a special mode will be perfect for you and your needs. Vision issues? No need to strain your eyes, because you can change the way your display looks with one nifty secret. In case of an emergency, we’ve discovered how to keep your family and loved ones in the know, and it’s super easy to do. Other amazing features include a handy Data Saver to save you money, a secret code to activate the powers of the power button, a way to prioritize the many notifications you receive on a daily basis, and an efficient way of filtering out those annoying robocalls. Lastly, we have an adorable Easter Egg that will unlock the secrets of the universe...or maybe just some cute animals.

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