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When it comes to Game Rap, we don't play around.
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Original Rap song about Dambuster Studios' and Deep Silver's Homefront: The Revolution
Instrumental, vocals and video by: DEFMATCH

Oh, say can you see by the dawn’s early light
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming?
Whose broad stripes and bright stars on our homefront they watch
as we take our land. So we can be free again.

America wakes up
the KPA wants to take us
now it's time to go to work with a pay cut
don't end up a slave cause

they're banking that we're tame
and complacent
but maybe they'll change they're
minds when we're blazing, amazing

so forget the Patriot act,
cause Patriots act
yes it is revenge i exact
a break from a crack

minute men hit them then
catch them off balance
guerilla warfare
except it's eagles with talons

there's blue on the flag
and there's stripes on the flag
and I, I bled on that flag
to put red on that flag

then you'll be seeing stars
in large, when I click in the mag
hold the trigger, liberal interval
put you in a bag

cause I'm holding congress,
with bombs and strong fists.
they're Held up in the air
and plus our rifles in palms, gripped

anonymous fighting the ominous
so populous rise up
gather together
and fire slugs

What kind of America is this?
The battle for Philadelphia's getting intense
Oh say can you see all these lasers and seekers
They patrolling the streets while they taze and beat us
and treat us like second class citizens with curfews
Screaming for freedom but I don't think they heard you
I cant believe the Koreans beating us on our own turf
they gonna try to break our spirits, but it wont work
C'mon people, we gotta get our land back
Hit em with a Molotov, everybody stand back
Hack into the system, buildings get ransacked
crack em with a pistol, bullets filled with Anthrax
They got drones? we knocking em down
suppressing enemy fire while I'm cocking a smile
It's too late for words, no talking me down
I'm leading the revolution, no stopping me now

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