Puppeteer - Pirate's Head Trailer

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In Puppeteer, you will collect lots of different heads to swap and use along the way, but there are four Moon Hero heads that are vital to your survival.
Quest along with Kutaro to discover the hook power of the Moon Pirate - a power he must attain if he hopes to survive his terrifying adventure. Without it, he will never be able to defeat the Moon Bear King and find his way home.

One dark moonlit night, a young boy named Kutaro was carried away by the maleficent Moon Bear King to a black castle where the unlucky lad was transformed into a puppet.

Kutaro displeased the terrible tyrant, who devoured the boy's wooden head and cast away his body.
But the headless hero was not alone, for he had discovered a very special pair of scissors to help him on his harrowing adventure to find his head, and his way home.

Puppeteer is a brand new franchise developed exclusively for PlayStation 3 by SCE JAPAN Studio. Set in a magical puppeteer's theatre, this title will introduce you to a strange and fantastic world, where the environment is constantly changing. Players will enjoy a rich, dark fairytale where surprises lurk around every corner.


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