KAINA - What's a Girl | Audiotree Live

02 Oct 2019 03:43 9
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Download & stream KAINA on Audiotree Live -- https://smarturl.it/AT-KAINA

KAINA is a sultry indie pop songwriter who pens vibrant, experimental tunes with soulful vocals and delicate instrumentation. Born and raised in Chicago, Kaina Castillo has been soaking up every jazzy, sexy, bop-y city sound to influence and inspire her own eclectic project. Check out the super powerful full band performance by KAINA live at Audiotree.

Recorded on September 10, 2019 in Chicago, IL.

Visit the band's website -- https://kainamusic.bandcamp.com/

Youtube Playlist -- http://bit.ly/2kfljlg


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