Return of the Lion. Full HD video. Wild Nature. New 2017 video

17 Jul 2017 43:46 38
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Return of the Lion. Full HD video. Wild Nature
Banda stands at the rise of the hill, looking out over the emerald swamp. It's a far cry from the brown grassy plains of his home South Africa, and right now he's wearing for a glimpse of the familiar Impala herd. But there's nothing... Most times he can't even see the ground in this dense, soggy swamp. Since his release, he and his sisters have been hunting Saddlebill storks and they're literally dying for a bigger chunk of meat. No one has heard the roar of the mighty lion in the Rwandan wilderness for 15 years, but that's about to change. Later this year, lions will be introduced into Akagera National Park, but it's a tough task for a lion - adapting to this part of central Africa. It's green and wet. The animals are mostly different and the lions have no idea of the lie of the land. They'll be starting from scratch - seeking out hunting opportunities and establishing new territory. It'll be trial and error, until they begin to unlock new behavior that will enable them to thrive.

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