Claiming your Identity by understanding your self-worth. | Judge Helen Whitener | TEDxPortofSpain

18 Nov 2015 16:05 231
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Few talks are able to gently challenge strongly held beliefs about equality and inequality. In this talk Helen gives a full spectrum talk on equity using, poetry, statistics and strong arguments.

Judge Helen Whitener was a former Washington State Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals Judge and a former pro-tem judge in Pierce County District Court and the City of Tacoma Municipal Court. She is very active locally, nationally and internationally in various community service activities. She speaks often on Human Rights, Access to Justice, and the rights and responsibility of the judiciary in ensuring the rights of all that appear before them to basic dignity and respect in judicial proceedings. Judge Whitener is a member of the International Association of Women Judges Association, the American Judge Association, the National Association of Women Judges, the Washington Courts Superior Court Judges Association and the Washington State Bar Association.

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