She sent ten plagues

26 Apr 2016 03:51 0
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Lyrics: (To the tune of Ring of Fire)

Pharaoh, wouldn’t let us go,
So Moses had to take control
The nile turned red, full of blood
But Pharoah didn’t give a fudge

Oh Moses said to let our people go
But Pharaoh was an asshole and boy he didn’t know,
So god god god, she sent 10 plagues
she sent 10 plagues

The sky rained frogs every where ya looked
You couldn’t walk far, without a ribbit and a squoosh,
Pharaoh flipped out, said the Jews can go
When the frogs disappeared, he changed his mind like whoa,


When Pharaoh broke his vow, Moses cried you fail,
God said let there be beasts
bugs, boils, pestilence and hail
Even after all those plagues, it wasn’t enough
He's an elastic heart, Pharaoh Shia LaBouef


Locusts came, and darkness went
But Pharaoh he, still wasn’t spent
Pharaoh thought, it was all a sham
So he missed the signs of the paschal lamb


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