Saturday bike jobs cancelled for now...

31 Mar 2019 16:07 7
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...because I took my Mum's flower bulbs and two huge bags of compost and a big planter up to her house and she was in her recliner , ill . I thought that rather than cut flowers which fade away after a week or two , I'd plant some flowers with variable heights - Gladioli at the back, then Lupins, then Peonys , and then Dahlias at the front . My Mum is 80 years old , and I asked if she still had some Benedictine that I'd bought her ages ago as that is meant to help with intestinal complaints , and I left her sipping a glass of it and bought her two little bottles of fizzy lemonade - I might buy myself a bottle too , as it's 40% proof ! I'll recover the seat later this evening - or maybe tomorrow , and I'll send for some new connections for the new helmet's microphone set up from there's no particular rush - it's not even Easter yet , let alone summer !

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