MOST CRAZY Things The Ancient Egyptians Did

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You won't BELIEVE some of the craziest things ancient Egyptians did; from strange forms a bug repellent, to cat worship that maybe went a little too far !

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5. Head Shaving
In Ancient Egypt, it was quite common for everyone to keep their heads completely shaved for hygienic reasons. We might find this to be a little bizarre in modern times, but it was the norm during this period of time and both males and females had no problem with it. Head lice was a common problem and in order to get rid of the lice, hair was just razored off. Lice remedies proved to be quite ineffective and this was before the times of shampoo that we have today. What seems to be kind of strange about this whole thing is that while having hair that grew from your head was seen as unhygienic, hair in the form of wigs was perfectly fine. In fact, the wigs were seen as useful objects that were used to block the strong desert sun.

4. Cat Crazed
As we all know, in modern times, pretty much everyone out there with the internet is obsessed with cats! But in ancient Egypt these were the most sacred animal who had their own religious cult going for them. So it was much more serious back in this time. Egypt also had a problem with mice and they were seen as even more useful when they could capture these pests and get help them get rid of them. When someone lost their pet cat in these times, they would shave off their own eyebrows in mourning. Seems a little bit drastic. If someone was accused of killing a cat they would be given the capital punishment and sometimes, be thrown into a pit of snakes. Cats who were taken by foreign armies would have search parties trying to rescue them. The persians even released cats onto the battlefield knowing the egyptians would rather surrender than to put the cats in danger. It wasn’t just humans who were mummified either. There were over 80,000 cats discovered in 1888 at Beni Hasan 160 miles south of Cairo. Apparently someone fell into a tunnel of thousands of mummified cats! As if cats weren’t already creepy enough! As soon as locals heard word of this, they began flocking to the site immediately, hoping to find gold!. They would even occasionally come across some gold sarcophaguses built for the beloved cats. But it was really more a like an underground river of cat mummies

1.Meteorite Daggers
One of the most remarkable artifacts that was discovered in King Tut’s tomb was the meteor dagger. A new study of King Tut’s knives, proves that the iron in which it’s made from is not metal from this planet, and came from a fallen meteorite. In this photo, you can see the one and only meteorite dagger of King Tut. The iron blade was found wrapped around his right thigh, so that means it must have been a precious item to him. The only other dagger found on him was made of gold. What leads archaeologists to believe that this is dagger is from outer space, is that the iron was an extremely rare substance to come across during the bronze age. Researchers at the Polytechnic University in Milan in the 1970’s, had inconclusive results originally but taking advantage of new technology, they decided to test this theory again. The blade closely matched elements found in meteorites containing mostly iron, but cobalt and nickel as well. What else might we discover from this young man’s tomb?

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