Ableton Live Tutorials - Extra Tips & Tricks #1 | M1U3L12

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Hey guys, welcome back to Ableton Online. Unit 3 quickly coming to end, we are wrapping things up with lesson number 12, extra tips and tricks. They're all free you can put to use early and put to use often in your own productions,

So diving right in, let’s start off with 1 of my favorites, okay, freezing, okay, freezing tracks. Now freezing the track is as simple as right clicking the track header itself and clicking freeze track and what that’s gonna do is it’s going to basically print everything that’s on this track, okay, and any midi, any instruments and any audio, and any audio effects on any midi or audio track and it’s gonna take all of that content and print it to a 2 track audio file just for this specific track, okay, so that it can simply playback this track, okay.

See how all of this is grayed out now at the bottom, okay, because all of this has been printed, listened to by Ableton and then printed to a single 2 track wave form for this specific track, okay. So Ableton, all Ableton has to do now is playback a 2 track wave file instead of having to process all of the aforementioned in real time. So instead of having to listen for this is, in this case, an audio track, but let’s say we did this on all 3 of this midi tracks here and I'm just gonna click the first 1, shift click the last 1. Make sure none of those are on auto, that’s a personal preference, I don’t like seeing automation.

If there’s isn’t any on the track, I'm just gonna right click and I'm gonna freeze all 3 of those together, now 2 of those tracks contain audio loops, okay, this 2 right here the top 2 the bottom 1. The third track here is a midi loop, so whether you have midi playing through an instrument in this case, a drum kit or whether you have audio, maybe playing through some effects, anything that’s on this track, the midi, the audio and everything in each tracks device chain, okay.

All of that is going to be resampled and printed into a 2 track audio wave form. So Ableton simply has to playback the wave form for each of the frozen tracks in your session instead of having to do a lot of real time processing, okay. So you're gonna save CPU, okay, the second reason you're gonna wanna freeze tracks is that you’re gonna have much greater control over sonic landscape so every single sound in your mix your gonna have control when it begins, when it ends any time, based edits or, and this is often overlooked, any effects tails that are gonna be happening on that sound, okay.

So for instance, let me go ahead, let me see what’s on this track, multi band dynamics which is side chaining, okay. So this track right here, okay, all of this is a cymbal but it's going through this long term reverb and then it’s being side chained against that ghost kick all the way up here at the top, okay. So when I play this sound out, obviously the sound is here but the effects, it goes all the way up here, okay. If I wanted to freeze all of that into an audio file and then mess with or edit the effects tail as an audio file instead of just continuing to automate to there, or if I play it from here, I don’t hear anything. I could actually hear the effects tail played from anywhere, okay, kind of like your automation in last lesson.

I don’t have to start in the beginning of the clip, I can play it from here and hear the automation from here to here, okay. What I can do is right click and freeze that track. Ohh, but wait, we get a dialogue box saying 19 audio cannot be frozen because of the routing of the compressor, right here in 19 audios. So bear in mind that when you freeze any track....

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