Meet The Player With a 7' 2" WINGSPAN That LOCKED Up Zion Williamson (Ft Nassir Little, NBA Defense)

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This college player locked up Zion Williamson and has a 7’ 2” wingspan. It’s time to meet Nassir Little, but is he a future NBA star, how good is he, and how did Nassir lock up Zion? Link to NEW CHANNEL, RUN IT:

“This guy” was no ordinary prospect. His name is Nassir Little and he’s a top prospect that isn’t on Duke. He’s been relatively under the radar for a top 5 recruit and so it’s time that we breakdown Nassir Little and why he’s not little.

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Nassir Little is a 6’ 7”, 215 pound small forward that has been ranked in the Top 4 in the same class as Zion Williamson. And he also did this to Zion sooooo (show Nassir Little stepback). But he’s had a quick come up, as just a year ago, he was a 4 star recruit and all of a sudden he became a 5 star recruit god. But without much to go on, how good is Nassir Little and why isn’t he really getting attention. It’s time to break down that, but first hit that like button for faster uploads. Let’s try to hit as many likes as Nassir Little’s hair length, so I’m just gonna say 1642. That made no sense, but if we hit that, new video comes out this week. Also my first video on gaming channel will be up tomorrow or Thursday and hint it’s not 2K and enough of this, let’s get into it.

Nassir Little ain’t little at ALL. Apart from his height and weight, he has a 7’ 2” wingspan. Man, all these top recruits are looking like demigods this year but they’re hacks. But it’s what he does with his wingspan that’s impressive. Nassir puts his all on the defensive end. He can handle any defensive assignment, from 1-4. He’s quick enough to.. Am i really starting with defense as the most hyped up thing? Heck yeah I am. Even though it’s not the most flashy, Nassir takes pride in defense and works on it so much so that he’s quick enough to stay with anyone from a point guard all the way to Zion. I feel like Zion is in his own class physically wise and if Nassir could take Zion’s weight, it shows how he uses his wingspan to bother bigger players as well. The movement of his feet and the way he keeps low to the ground already makes him a good perimeter defense, but that wingspan makes him elite.

Now on to the offense. The reason why Nassir was so under the radar for these years was because he didn’t really show that much offense. I mean who’s excited to see Andre Roberson play basketball? Exactly, no one and that’s what Nassir Little was thought to be, until he exploded onto the scene. His finishing and mid range game stand apart. He can finish at the rim with the best of em with either hand. He’s got hops and devastating dunks. He even broke the rim! He uses his wingspan to finish over people and he can take contact pretty well, but what surprised me the most about Nassir was his handles and his mid range shot. Now I’m not saying he has elite level handles, but for a small forward, Nassir can really handle the ball and create his own shot at an above average level and considering the fact that this has been recent improvement, there’s so much room for him to grow in this area of his game. He uses simple effective moves and is good at protecting the ball from defenders already. His jumpshot looks so smooth and it’s simple. He keeps his elbow tucked in, follows a 90-90-90 concept like Klay Thompson, and is great at planting his feet. One thing I don’t like about his jumper his how high he jumps to shoot it, but he can shoot over people and at the same time, that jumping strength allows him to have a post game in which he can hit turnaround jumpers with ease. He even uses this leg strength to create a mean stepback where not only does he get a crazy amount of separation, but also can rise above the defender to shoot the shot.

However, his 3 point shot is anything but consistent. He has shown potential, but that doesn’t mean it’s already there yet. The biggest issue with Nassir Little is consistency. It’s not like he was going to all these pro games or these invitationals. Nassir Little showed out in the All McDonald’s game filled with the best high schoolers and has showed out in high school in general. I know he’s working hard, but that’s like saying

Still, I love Nassir’s passion for the game. It’s written all over his face. He kinda reminds me of a weird Westbrook Kawhi hybrid. His defense is lockdown, but he wears his emotions on his sleeve and uses it to fuel him. I’m excited to see Nassir in UNC and see what he’s capable of doing. I know he has a lot of room to grow and if he continues to work hard, he just might become an NBA star. But what do you think? Is Nassir Little really that good?

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