1938 Tube Stock Jubilee Line Excursion

06 Aug 2009 04:11 8
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When I called the London Transport Museum for tickets to see the disused Charing Cross platform (Journey 1) they were sold out, so I had to settle with Journey 2!

The 1938 Tube stock was designed by a team led by WS Graff Baker, London Transport's Chief Mechanical Engineer.

The expansion of the system in the 1930s created a demand for new trains.

Development work over several years culminated in the introduction of a new standard train in 1938. For the first time, all the electrical equipment was housed beneath the floor and the whole length of the train was available for passengers. More than 1000 cars were built, and the design set the stage for all subsequent Tube trains. After 50 years, the last was withdrawn on 19 May 1988.

This may be the last chance to run this tube train on the Jubilee line before the line upgrades it's signalling.

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