Madagascar's cute animals like to move it! - Madagascar, Preview - BBC Two

08 Feb 2011 01:28 14
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More about this programme:

Madagascar's strangest and cutest animals - they like to move it, move it!

Here is the cast of animals, in order of appearance:

Verreaux's Sifaka, Paradise fly catcher, Grey mouse lemur, panther chameleon, Ringtailed lemur, Greater vasa parrot, Flatid bugs, Common tenrecs, Giraffe necked weevil, Indri, Green day gecko, Mantella frogs, Madagascar malachite kingfisher, Brown lemurs, Fossa, Aye-aye, Pygmy chameleon (and ant!), Leaf tailed gecko, Iguanid lizard, Labord's chameleon, Lac Aloatran gentle lemur, Explosive breeding frogs.

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