Colour (color) mixing for the Vintage Birdcage Terrarium cake

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How to mix beautiful multi toned succulent plant colours in buttercream for the Vintage Birdcage Terrarium Cake tutorial. You can also use the principles of this colour mixing tutorial for any type and colour scheme of buttercream flowers and plants.

Learn how to:

Colour & blend buttercream shades for a more realistic look
Which exact products or colour combinations to use for each effect (you can use the exact products I list or similar colours in any gel/dropper range)
Why you should mix all the colours on the same pallette
Various methods for filling piping bags and cones for multi-toned results

I've also specified which piping tips should go with each colour combination for my terrarium birdcage cake, if you wish to follow that tutorial.

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Please note this video contains text written on screen in ENGLISH only, there are no translations.

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