U potrazi za isprintanim mogućnostima | Sven Maričić | TEDxUniversityofZagreb

30 Nov 2016 18:43 1
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Kako tehnologijom nadomjestiti ljudske nedostatke? Koju ulogu 3D printanje ima u medici? A u materijaliziranju naših snova? Odgovore potražite u videu i pogledajte kako je budućnost već stigla.

Doc. Dr. Sc. Sven Maricic, MSc. ing. mech. is the head of the laboratory for plastic deformation and machining machines at the Technical faculty and an expert on several projects at the Faculty of Medicine. He is also a scientific advisor who was educated from several international universities and institutes. Sven Maricic is much more than the title of Ph.D. Mag. ing. mech.; he is a scientist, a pioneer in 3D printing technology use in Croatia, but also a creative individual who, on a daily basis, finds various ways of connecting a lot of branches of science and scientific research, but also art. In the little spare time, when he is not coming up with new science projects that popularize science among all generations, especially the youngsters, he plays a couple of instruments.

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