youtuber jumps off roof... goes very wrong (Jake Paul)

07 Jul 2017 08:52 877
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Rule(s) to join this iPhone X giveaway:
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2) There is no second rule, you only have to subscribe!

Date starting: March 1st, 2018.
Date ending: End date of every month.

At the date that every month ends in until a new iPhone comes out I'm giving away iPhone X's. I will take every subscriber I have and put them in a randomizer to choose 10 random winners. I will then proceed by sending a private message to each winner, if the winner doesn't respond within 7 days, I will pick random user(s) that left a comment on the latest video and choose new winner(s) like that. I will keep doing this until all 10 winners have received their prize.
The products can be shipped internationally so anyone can enter. No need to pay for shipping, all is paid by me.

Good luck! :D

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