The Game of Faces — The Arya and Sansa Scenes That Were Misinterpreted Greatly (Game of Thrones)

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I have read all the complaints of the Arya and Sansa scenes in Season 7, and I think some viewers have interpreted it differently. I don't mean to say my interpretation was the correct one, but my reading and understanding of their interactions made actual sense.

Arya and Sansa have never gotten along since the beginning. She blamed her to what happened to Mycah (actual quote, S1E3, "You're a liar, and if you told the truth, Mycah would be alive"), just like she very much hated The Hound back then and wanted him dead. Except she had gotten to know Sandor Clegane throughout their journeys, and had grown to not hate him anymore (evidence: S5E6, when Jaqen and Arya played the Game of Faces).

The keywords here are the "Game of Faces." Arya: "I don't want to play this stupid game anymore." Jaqen: "We never stop playing." —S5E6

When they finally reunited, Arya was still cold and untrusting. But Sansa, who smiled when the guards told her about her sister, was more warm and excited. Their reunion was distant and met with brief silence and awkwardness (unlike Jon and Sansa—because Jon is more kind-hearted and forgiving, whereas Sansa finally felt safe), but despite that, Sansa was the one who came to her and hug her first. Arya didn't touch her on their first hug. But the second hug, after they talked again, was where Arya finally made peace. She finally hugged Sansa....

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