The Evolution Of Piccolo From Dragon Ball

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From Bad Guy To Babysitter: Piccolo’s Evolution

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Piccolo is one of the many instances in Dragon Ball where a villain became a good guy and, although he wasn’t the first, his journey from bad guy to ally is one of the most interesting, perhaps second only to Vegeta. In order to grasp the scope of just how much Piccolo has grown and changed as a character, we made this video to chronicle his origins, biggest moments and story arcs throughout the entire Dragon Ball franchise.

Initially created as a tool of King Piccolo’s revenge, Piccolo sought to destroy Goku for killing his father, but as time went on, he ended up training and taking care of the son of the very person he was determined to kill. From then on, the character became a great ally to those dedicated to protecting Earth, playing a part in every saga since. Check out the video to learn more about how Piccolo has evolved over the years.


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