Danny Devito bites straight into a lemon | #LemonsForLeukemia

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We're now help other cancer patients experience their bucket lists: https://youtu.be/ptmZ8kRNCe8


Leading up to finding a bone marrow donor Chris had become exhausted of the bucket list and these videos, our documentary provided a good opportunity for him to step away from all of the attention and live the normal life a transplant can hopefully provide. It was also a good stepping stone to begin helping other cancer patients in the way that all of you helped us.

After a private discussion, Chris decided he no longer wants to continue with One List One Life, and will share updates at a pace he's comfortable with on his personal social media accounts and not on this channel. Per his request, we will not be providing updates or documenting his journey.

There's a lot of discussion around this, but the truth is we we're thrust into a difficult/emotional situation very quickly. The three of us always tried to do the best we could, sometimes making mistakes along the way, but always trying to do what was right for each-other.


Two clarifications:

Yes, we are still friends!

The treatment is going well so far, with good feelings about the future.


We also want to be transparent with a few things moving forward:

One List One Life is now weekly videos following Clay and I's journey in making bucket lists possible for other people greatly affected by cancer, something this whole journey with Chris inspired and will continue to motivate.

We want to produce a show that conveys two important messages:

1. Local and global communities play a huge role in supporting cancer patients.

2. There are unknown perspectives out there that can help us understand a lot more about our own lives.

Finally, 100% of support on Patreon and T-Shirt sales go to these bucket list videos, Clay and I do not currently take a salary

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