VIENNA/NOW - Welcome to the jungle - Vienna's wild citizens!

17 Nov 2016 06:58 5
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Nature, Wildlife & Urban Safari: Green spaces take up more than 50% of Vienna, one of the many reasons why it was voted the most livable city in the world - not only for humans, but also for a large variety of wild creatures. And if you look closely, you might spot some! Nature photographer Georg Popp takes Adia to a few of the best places in Vienna to run into wild animals - like beavers, deer or a whole rabbit colony right in the middle of the city. At Lainz Game Reserve Adia and Ranger Anton Weinzettl spot the big ones: Mouflon, fallow deer and wild boar.

More about Vienna’s green spaces:

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Featured in this episode in order of appearance:

Wiener Wildnis

Green Prater

Lainz Game Reserve



Andrew Applepie:
Ankara please
Sweet tomorrow
Sleeping beauty


Idea & Concept: SLASH
Director & Script: Stefan Schlager
Producer: Alex Haberfellner
Camera: Bernhard Popovic
Editing, Animation: Thomas Scharf
Audio: Overdub, Gregor Rašek

Animal Pictures and Video material:
Verena Popp-Hackner und Georg Popp

Produced by SLASH

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