Syskey'ing A Scammers Computer And He Loses His Mind!

13 Feb 2018 14:09 571
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These Microsoft refund scammers become very angry after we syskeyed there computer. We prevented them from connecting to victims computers and stealing even more money an information. At the same time we done this we managed to get information to inform potential victims and warn them that they may of been scammed. Please not most of the footage is hidden due to being live streamed at the time. This was to prevent victims details being leaked live. Make sure to check the next upload where Jim Browning talks to some of these victims.

We dial all kinds of scammers LIVE non stop 24/7 to raise awareness and to waste their time so they get to scam less people. The more we dial them, the less chance they get to scam someone.

These people make a lot of victims by saying you have virus, hackers, popups, adware, malware infections, spyware, trojans and all sorts of nasty bugs attacking your computer when rely its just a java script popup trying to con you out of YOUR hard earned cash. They are mostly based in India, and not much is done by the authorities.... we try to make a difference! Please subscribe & share this stream to spread the word!


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Anyone found to be posting genuine phone numbers will be banned without notice and reported if necessary.[F]

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