DO NOT SLEEP ON VEGETA! He May Shock Us All - Dragon Ball Super Episode 117 SPOILERS!

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God Ki Pressure & The Heat Behind Ultra Instinct Goku (Migatte No Gokui)

Ultra Instinct Goku (Migatte No Gokui) Is Super Saiyan God Done RIGHT

Kefla's Elimination From The Tournament Of Power

NEW ALTERNATE Summaries For Ultra Insinct Goku VS Kefla In Dragon Ball Super Episode 115-116

Vegeta VS Toppo This Fight Is Bigger Than You Think Dragon Ball Super Discussion

Gohan Is Being SAVED For Something BIG In The Tournament Of Power! ...Right?

A Female's Reaction To Kefla The "Mary Sue" Of Dragon Ball Super

Frieza's Respect The Most UNPREDICTABLE Fighter In The Tournament Of Power

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