Spark Plugs and Coils Replacement - C Class - W204 - Mercedes-Benz

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Spark Plugs and Coils Replacement

Time: 2 hours
Tab: $60 to $400
Talent: 2
Tools: T30 Torx driver, 5/16th spark plug thin wall socket extensionsand universal joints, small flathead screwdriver
Applicable Models:
Mercedes-Benz C350 (2008-14)
Mercedes-Benz GLK350 (2010-14)
Parts Required: Spark plugs, coils if needed
Hot Tip: Work on a cold engine
Performance Gain: Better mileage
Complementary Modification: New air filters

Replacing the spark plugs on your Mercedes-Benz C350 is recommended routine maintenance though be it at much longer intervals than before. Mercedes recommends replacing the spark plugs on C350 models every 100,000 miles. With all the major engine design changes over the years, spark plugs now last up to three times as long as they did in years past. This is good and bad. It means you save money and time not having to service them so frequently, but run the risk of a spark plug seizing in the cylinder head. I suggest replacing your spark plugs every three years regardless of mileage. If you do not know the last time the plugs in your motor were changed replace them right away. I do NOT recommend putting anti seize on the plugs. The outer threaded part of the plug is used as a ground, and anti-seize can affect the ground connection.

Changing your spark plugs and coils are an important part of maintenance on your car.
Applies to: C350 (2007-14), SLK350 (2004-14), CLS350 (2004-14), CLK350 (2005-14), E350 (2005-14), S350 (2005-14), SL350 (2005-14), R350 (2006-14), ML350 (2006-14), Viano (2005-14), Sprinter (2006-14), CLC350 (2008-14), GLK350 (2008-12)

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