How to Retire Rich - Cardone Zone

15 Jun 2019 01:03:27 83
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I come here every Friday so you can get your money right. The average American makes $58,000 a year and it costs more to live than that. How do you get out of that trap? 50% of American families have zero saved for retirement. It’s not because half the people are stupid, it’s the things we are all taught about money that is the problem. If you use the wrong battle strategy for 30 years, you will end up broke. Here are 3 tips today:

1. Your plan doesn’t work—You have to challenge your assumptions. Your mommy and daddy’s plan was all about saving. This is the wrong battle plan.
2. Secure the job you have—Quit hating on your job and add income to your job.
3. You need income—This is the plan you need, you need to play offense, not defense.

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